Deryl S. Lampkin
Author, Teacher, Thought leader

Deryl S. Lampkin is an author, spiritual teacher, musician, producer, songwriter/composer, Internet Marketer, entrepreneur  and thought leader. He has many other skills, gifts, and talents too numerous to enumerate. Many of his other skills have been paused to make way for the things that he is most passionate about. 

This website is his main portal to connect you to the many things he is sharing via the Internet and by offline means. His desire is to start certain important conversations and hope that you and others join these dialogs and help set this revolution aflame.

Currently, Deryl is focused on starting and igniting a kingdom culture revolution. This revolution is about changing the way we do life. The world is focused on doing their own thing whatever that may be and the church seems to be focused on building great buildings and ministries rather than great people that know how to  serve a great and mighty God.

God's ultimate goal is to establish the kingdom of God on earth and cause only His will to be done on earth just as it is in heaven. In order for the kingdom to be established, the people of God need to be re-culturalized. We initially learned the ways of this world which goes against the grain of God's kingdom. We need to begin renewing our mind with the principles of God so that we can do things God's way.

Men need to take the leadership in being responsible to God, keeping their mind and body healthy, increasing their wealth, having healthy and harmonious relationships, and treating their spouses with the upmost love and respect. This in a nutshell, is what the Kingdom Culture Revolution is about.

I am Deryl S. Lampkin and I approve this message.