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You Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You Free

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God has declared that his very own people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. We experience problems, lack, conflicts, defeat, and fail to have or achieve many of the  things we desire because we lack knowledge. That lack of knowledge cuts us off from many blessings.

Hence, what we don't know is precisely what is hurting and hindering us. We must gain knowledge of the various things we need to succeed in life.

Education is expensive but the cost of ignorance is immeasurable.

God has given the earth to men to rule over and establish it as and extension of his invisible kingdom in heaven.  The devil by defeating Adam usurped authority over the earth but Jesus defeated Satan and legally obtained the right for us to rule it again. 

Although it is ours to rule, we must take back the kingdom by force. We can only effectively take back the kingdom by defeating the forces of evil that have invaded our minds and heart. We reestablish the kingdom by renewing our minds and obeying God in all things

Those warm fuzzy feeling couples have for each other when they first fall in love seems to gradually grow cold. Over time wounds are inflicted, arguments ensue, and various problems and issues strains the relationship.

The love for each other may still be there but is rarely expressed in a loving way. 

What needs to happen at this juncture of the relationship is a love reboot. When you reboot, you let go the past and focus on a new and better future. You return unto your first love, treating the relationships as if it was brand new.

When your relationship keeps locking up and experiencing constant conflict, it's time to reboot.

Some marriages reach the end of their hope. So many negative things has impacted the relationship to the point it seems as though all hope is lost. In some cases, divorce may be inevitable. Yet some relationships in this state are salvageable.

However, both parties must be willing to work hard at it. Both partners must become committed to disallowing evil to operate through them and allowing love to flow through them instead.  This takes a lot of self control,denying self and controlling your tongue and attitude. You can only get the marriage under control by getting self under control.

It's not over until it's over. Where there is a willing heart, there is a way to bring peace, love, and joy back to your relationship. When you are at the end of your hope, hold tight to your rope. That rope is love and commitment.



Putting on weight and being unhealthy is quite easy for most of us to achieve. But what seems to be a daunting task is to lose the weight and be healthy. 

Getting in shape and being healthy is not as difficult as it appears to be. It's all about being aware of what's causing you to gain weight and what is causing other bad health conditions.

Once you know that and bring your diet and lifestyle in harmony with the things that are good for you, you will begin to look and feel the way you really want to. You can easily turn that keg into a six pack. I did it with little effort and so can you. 

The book of Revelation is one of the most feared and misunderstood books of the Bible. This book uses a lot of symbolism to code its end-time message.

The key to understanding it is to first decode it by understanding what the various symbols represent. Also you must understand the different scenes and their order of sequence. Thirdly, you must understand certain historical events that has already come to pass as well as certain futuristic events that must also come to pass.

Once you accomplish those things, it will all begin to make realistic sense.This book will unlock the mysteries of John's revelation.

Some say once saved always saved. Yet we see many people that went to the altar and confessed salvation but soon returned or continued their former lifestyle of sinning. Some will argue as to whether they were ever saved at all. 

Salvation is a life long process that begins with being born again, which is to repent and receive Christ as your lord and savior. From there, you must continue to grow in grace and develop into the image of Christ. For by grace are you saved by continuing to follow and obey Christ.

There are many scriptures that reveals that there are certain terms and conditions that apply to our salvation. If we are ignorant of these terms and conditions, we will discover that the salvation we thought we had, is invalid. Learn what the scriptures have to say about validating your salvation.

God has a track record of saving the best for last. The first Adam failed to achieve the will of God, but the second Adam (Jesus Christ) succeeded. He also established the principle of the last shall be first. God gives us many examples of the birthright or promise going to the last candidate rather than to the first.

Now concerning which Israel does the promises of Abraham rightfully belong to whether it belongs to the biological descendants or the spiritual offsprings. As you ponder this thought, remember, the last shall be first and God saves the best for last. .

Relationships Impacted by Disallowing Evil

People that are health conscious, take the time to carefully read the label on food products before they buy it. If the product contains ingredients that are unhealthy they choose to leave it on the shelf.

All to often, we choose a mate based on the packaging rather than the content. Often a prospective mate looks good on the outside but when you learn what is included in the package, you realize that it contain undesirable ingredients. Before you say I do, read the label and be sure what you are getting is something you really want.