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The Three Shades of Love
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Bring It All Together
Together We Can Change the World For the Better

Changing our culture for the better takes a group effort. Everyone has a unique value and contribution to achieving this objective. It does not necessarily take everyone, but is does take having the right people in the right place, bringing the right things at the right time to the table.

Bring It All Together is about bringing the right group of people and resources together to bring about a kingdom culture revolution. Kingdom culture is the culture of God's kingdom. It is people acting and behaving in a way that pleases God. It is a culture of love. We can only truly love one another by first loving God. To love God is to obey his word. If we obey God's word in all things, we thereby demonstrate and prove that we both love God and one another.

Furthermore, love is about caring and sharing. When we care for those that are hurting and destitute of life's necessities, we demonstrate love. It is not about finding fault and criticizing one another but rather about looking beyond others faults and seeing their real needs. After all, this is what God did for all of us. He looked beyond our faults and saw our need for a savior and provided us with one. That was the ultimate act of love.

Love is not just saying I love you, it is doing things that demonstrates that you love someone. It is easy and natural to love those who love you. But when you can love those that hate you and those that can never repay you, that is real love. That is what the kingdom culture of love is all about.