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Full Potential Ministries Internetional is an online ministry created to help individuals discover their purpose and how to unleash their potential. People fail to reach their potential because they lack knowledge and/or they do not act on the knowledge that they have. Some will say that they cannot achieve their goals because they do not have enough resources to do what they want to do. Resources are needed in most cases, however, where there is a will, there is a way to get the resources.

One of the keys to acquiring the resources you need is by doing all that you can with what you already have. In so doing, you will cause the next thing you need to become available to you. God is faithful. When he sees that you have faithfully used what he has already given to you, he will bless you with more. Why should he bless you with more if you have not done anything with what you already have? That is the equivalent of asking for more food on your plate when you have not yet, touched what you already have on it.

For it is written, "He that has much, more will be given to him and he that has little, even the little he has shall be taken away." What that means is, the person who productively uses what they already have, will continue to have and the more productive they are with what they have, they will continue to increase more and more.

Yet, the person that does not productively use what they already have, will end up losing what they already have. They will lose it because, often it takes using what you now have to get you what else you want. For example: If you had seeds and held onto them until you had enough money to buy a field to sow them in, you may not ever get enough money to buy the field. However, if you took those seeds and planted them in your back yard, in due season, they would yield a small crop that may yield you a  small profit from the sell of the fruit thereof. By continuously, planting more seeds and yielding more crops, you may eventually have enough money to buy the field.

So this is how it is with whatsoever God has blessed you with. If you wisely and productively use what you now have and do all you can with what is presently in your hands, it will position you to receive the next thing you need to take you to the next phase or level. 

FPMI's goal is to help you to unleash your potential by equipping you with the right information and teaching you how to apply that information to your specific situation so that you can progressively move towards your desired manifestation. As you learn how to use what you have to get what you want, you will see yourself progressing and fulfilling your desired goals.

The learning institution component of FPMI is called The School of Life Transformation Station. This is where you systematically learn to reeducate your mind, transform your thinking, and transform your life into what God intended for you. It is all about discovering your purpose and fulfilling it by understanding the principles of success and applying them to your life. 

The Mission of FPMI