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Kindgdom Culture Revolution

Business Education & Empowerment Forum is a KCR initiative to help startup businesses get started right and struggling small businesses re-strategize and get to the next level.

This is an online forum where business people can help one another grow and develop by sharing knowledge, strategies, connections, resources, and experiences.  The objective of B E E F is to bring the beef to the forum table so that you will not have to be asking "Where is the beef?"


All Men's Empowerment Network is a KCR initiative to help men to regain their rightful place in the home, the community, and the church.

Men in general have forfeited their place of responsibility as leaders, gatekeepers, protectors, and providers.

Disobedience, Ignorance, and Negligence of the Word of God is the root cause of men being weakened and devalued. aMen's objective is to encourage and help males to become godly responsible men.


Healthy Eating & Awareness Lifestyle is a KCR initiative to encourage people to be good stewards of their mind and body by eating and living more responsibly.

Certain things we eat and do are healthy and certain things are unhealthy. By discarding the unhealthy things and embracing the healthy things, we will look better, feel better, and live a better quality of life.

If you are over weight, out of shape, and/or sickly, then you owe it to yourself to join H E A L  today and start getting the help you need to become healthy and fit.

Relationships Impacted by Disallowing Evil is a KCR initiative to provide information and resources to help improve and strengthen struggling relationships.  Couples learn Principles & Strategies that Impacts their relationship in a positive way.

The key to improving your relationship is to disallow evil to use your mind, body, attitude, and tongue. Always obey what God says and reject the voices of evil and negative spirits.

Relationships are at the heart of life and society. Without relationships, life has no real meaning or purpose. That's why we have families, friends, and associates.
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Women's Issues & Needs

Women are quite different from men. Women are more complexed and are more involved in the many fascist of life. They have many interests and concerns. They bring great value to the table of life that is often not clearly understood or appreciated by many men.

This forum lets the voice of women be heard so that men can better understand them, appreciate them, love them, and dwell with them according to knowledge.

Woman Power