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The Three Shades of Love
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Having knowledge at best qualifies you to be called educated. There are many people with college degrees that live very defeated lives. Their knowledge may have made them a little bit smarter in the area of their study but it did not suddenly or instantaneously make them powerful. 

Many people have acquired all kinds of knowledge. They have read many books, listened to audio products, watched videos, attended classes, workshops, seminars, and training courses. All that is good and is a prerequisite to possessing power. Nevertheless, if you have all that knowledge or information and never use it or apply it, you just have a good education.
Your knowledge becomes power when you actually apply it to appropriate situations and applications. The power is in doing and applying, not in just knowing. It is better to have a little knowledge that you applied to an appropriate situation than to have all the knowledge in the world lying dormant and never using it.

Now if you are a teacher, preacher, counselor, consultant, or any profession that primarily get paid for what they know, then having knowledge is power if you are sharing that knowledge with you customers.

When it comes to the Bible or success in general, knowing a lot of scriptures does not automatically make what the Bible says become a reality in your life. It is when you put that knowledge into consistent practice, that is when you will experience the power of the word.

Real power is not the results of knowing a few powerful verses of scripture. Real power comes as a result of revamping your knowledge base. When you renew or reeducate your mind with the word of God, that new foundation of information is what brings about a lifestyle and mindset transformation. Your mind will be reset to obey God's word and to do his will in all things. Now that's REAL POWER!

Some people think that real power is being able to cast out demons from other people while they themselves are being overcome by their own demons. Some think power is the ability to speak in unknown tongues that they nor anyone else know what the heck they are saying. But the greater power is to be able to speak foreign languages that you never learned and every word of it is understood by you and others that are listening. Some think that power is the ability to heal the sick which is a powerful thing to be able to do. But the greatest power of all is to love. Many seek to do the extraordinary and fail miserably at the ordinary things of life such as just helping someone in need.

We need to get our power priorities straight. Let's learn to do the fundamental basics of life which is to love one another, before we go deep trying to do the supernatural stuff while neglecting to do the natural.

God gives us knowledge to become empowered to do all things pertaining to life and godliness. Acting on knowledge is the key to activating the power of knowledge. Knowledge not applied is power denied. Applied knowledge is POWER!